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Vegan and Planet-Friendly Snack Ideas

by Vegan Me on July 11, 2021

Hey there! Are you looking for some vegan and planet friendly snack ideas? We've got the perfect list of snacks that are both healthy and green. Not only will these snacks help you to maintain a vegan diet but they are also sustainable choices - meaning they won't harm the environment or contribute to climate change. Check out this list for some great ideas on how to eat healthy while living eco-friendly.

*Bananas with peanut butter - Peanut butter contains both protein (an essential macronutrient in any diet) as well as being healthy.

*Sunflower seeds and raisins mix. Did you know that sunflower seeds contain healthy fats and 890 acid? They also contain Vitamin E which is good for your skin.

*Fruit salad made of mixed dried fruits & nuts. Dried fruit is a health food that's also very tasty. One of my favourites is dried mangoes, which are exotic and sweet.

*Raw veggies, hummus spread, olives, cucumber slices or pepper strips
(Did you know that a single olive tree in California produces more than 1 million olives each harvest season? Producing such an enormous amount of a food from one plant is truly amazing!)

*Edamame, soy beans, peanuts - these are all great for a vegan diet
(The word edamame originates from the Japanese language and means 'beans on branches'.)

*A fruit smoothie
(Here's a link to a tried and tested recipe that only takes 5 mins to make too if you're short on time.)

*Muffins made with whole grains and lots of fruit (whole wheat flour only!) 
(Try this recipe for Vegan Wholewheat Blueberry Muffins.)

*Popcorn is the perfect snack when you're on the go 
(There's a great range to choose from at TheVeganKind Supermarket.)

A vegan lifestyle is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint by eliminating animal products from your diet. Eating a plant-based diet saves energy because plants require less water for growth than animals.