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Standing on the Battlefield: Being an Independent Thinker

by Vegan Me on August 04, 2021

Being an independent thinker has always meant that there will be times when you stand on the battlefield dishevelled, bleeding, feeling broken (and, if you're like me, probably sobbing your heart out too) staring at what seems like an insurmountable force. The other side has a more formidable and resourceful military force than ours and when you go against the status quo they will make you the scapegoat to enable themselves.

But it is not just about us as individuals. It is about our strength as a collective. It is about our entire vegan society. There is an estimated 79 million vegans worldwide. We are the people willing to take risks and do something different. Not for us. For them. For our planet. For our future. So what should we do? We must continue fighting no matter how many times we have been beaten down. No matter how many times we've been told we're wrong or extreme (that's always a go to favourite). No matter how many times we've had a lame excuse thrown at us as a justification for animal exploitation. We must stand in opposition with our full force, resisting everything and everyone that opposes love and compassion.

Vegans remember, the status quo is a myth. It is nothing more than an illusion projected by the opposition to make themselves feel better about their irrational beliefs while simultaneously ostracising anybody who questions or challenges it. It doesn't matter how we feel or what people say about us. When it comes to the battlefield of animal rights and veganism, it's never about us. It's about them.

I'm just a girl who's willing to stand on the battlefield. I don't have any special skills or abilities, but I know that when you're fighting for what you believe in and when you refuse to let go of your values, even if it means going against the status quo, you will always find people by your side. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Proud to be Vegan and I'm proud to stand with each and everyone of you 💛🌱✊ #vegan