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Not Just any Vegan Dinner

by Vegan Moma on September 21, 2020

M&S isn’t one of my usual haunts* but I do love going to new places to see what new treats they’ve got in their vegan range. When we go to the cinema we can choose to wander through Marks and Spencer’s to pick up any drinks or snacks. The vegan options are much better than at Cineworld itself (who seems to be a little slow to change their ‘menu’). Judge me as you will but I am one of those who takes my own picnic carrier bag in with me! Anyway, I couldn’t help but notice a number of new additions to their vegan range - Plant Kitchen - a total of 50 products (their website tells me all in one hand list here). As well as being able to pick up a fantastic range of options in store and in their cafes, you can get the amazing M&S Plant Kitchen range with your Ocado shop from the 1st September 2020. Whether you’re vegan or looking for plant-based alternatives for a meat-free day, you can’t go wrong with chorizo puppies with dirty fries for some serious comfort food as the weather starts to change! We tucked in on a Saturday night whilst watching a film! Very chompy! It sounds like something straight out of the marketing department but you really get the sense that M&S have put a lot of time and effort into this range - top marks, Sparks!

*Nothing at all against you M&S but I’m just more of an online (food) shopping kind of girl. Now you’ve partnered with Ocado you’ll be seeing a lot more of me!