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Animals aren't here for us, they're here WITH us!

by Vegan Me on March 30, 2021

After careful consideration and discussion with my family, friends and team members, I have decided to take actions to ensure that my pages are a safe social media space. I am anti-oppression and that goes for myself and my fellow vegans too, as well as being anti-oppression for every human and non-human animal on this planet. Offering a safe social media space means that I will not tolerate non-vegans coming onto my social media pages to criticise, judge, be rude or post (passive) aggressive comments. 

Non-vegans are persistent in their attempts to deflect the guilt they feel onto vegans. They do this in a number of ways but the most common is to make out that veganism is extremist. It’s so sad to think that the individuals who oppose the torture, rape, imprisonment and murder of sentient beings for food, clothing or entertainment are labelled as such by the very people that directly support and indirectly cause such unethical and immoral acts. Veganism is only believed to be extreme because the systematic imprisonment, horrifying torture, extreme violence and unforgivable murder of animals is believed to be totally normal and completely acceptable. 

Non-vegans believe the marketing and advertising lies the meat, dairy and egg industries tell. And they strongly believe the lies they tell themselves. They have to believe them so strongly because it dissolves them of their responsibility that their choices inflict pain, suffering and a death sentence on countless of animals. Animals that did not want to die. Animals that did that want to spend their short lives churning out egg after egg or, after being artificially inseminated, having their babies taken away from them. One of the most common lies non-vegans tell themselves is that industrial farming is wrong but “organic, local farms” are ok. As if in someway if it’s the same local farmer doing the raping and the killing then that makes it ok. Or if our proximity to the knackerman is lessened by than our responsibility to stop this happening is dissolved. Locally farmed means locally harmed. 

Non-vegans will try to tell us and themselves it’s their personal choice whether they eat meat, dairy and eggs. What they’re conveniently forgetting is the animals. What about their personal choice? Besides... It’s not personal choice, it’s a fucking convenient habit that you convince yourselves is your right. Veganism isn’t something trivial or some trend diet it’s a moral obligation to fight for the rights of other individuals. 

Non-vegans often become rude, confrontational and aggressive with us because by virtue of our mere existence we force them to consider the moral implications of their decisions. Animals are the most innocent beings on the planet. They do not know right from wrong. Humans do. They are capable of either making the right choice or they are capable of pure evil. There’s no grey area when it comes to what we do. You’re either vegan or you’re funding rape, kidnap, torture, imprisonment and murder. Just because you pay someone to do it for you does not mean your hands are clean. They are not. And neither should your conscience be. There is no humane way to kill someone who doesn’t want to die. Nor is it is not our right to use animals for our entertainment.  

It is only a matter of time before the next zoonotic pandemic hits again. Non-vegans will tell themselves (and us) that they’re not part of the problem because they “don’t eat bats” (real quote from a non-vegan). Everyone needs to understand that every slaughterhouse is a wet market. Every wild animal trade threatens our very existence.  

Every time a non-vegan challenges you remind them that we cultivate enough grain globally to feed twice the number of humans that there is on earth. So why then does over 800 million people not have enough food to lead a basic healthy life? And non-vegans have the audacity to come at us? Over 2 billion tonnes of grain are produced every year. At least 50% of this is fed to animals exploited by the meat and dairy industry.

When I post on my pages I’m not trying to trick non-vegans into ‘going vegan’. I’m not trying to pick a fight. I have absolutely no malicious intent whatsoever. My content is for vegans. But should I happen to get a like or retweet that falls into the path of a non-vegan, know this; I hope that as a decent human being, once you know what’s going on in the meat, dairy and egg industry you’ll make the right decision. 

Animals are not here for us. They’re here with us and the only thing we need from them is their forgiveness.